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Drone inspections in the civil and industrial sectors are the most cutting-edge method for inspections and maintenance work to be carried out in such settings, guaranteeing the safety of people, faster inspections and more accurate inspections.

We use our industrial drones harmlessly and safely to explore outdoor and indoor, inaccessible and confined spaces to do technical inspections inside buildings and facilities, thus facilitating industrial companies to reduce plant downtime set-up times, inspection costs and risks to workers in workplaces. The advantages of using a drone in the civil and industrial sectors are therefore numerous and become even more evident when compared with traditional inspection technologies. In fact they turn out to be up to 85 percent faster and cheaper than traditional methods.

All our inspections are carried out with industrial drones equipped with digital, thermal radiometric, laser, and multispectral sensors, which guarantee the high quality of images and videos.




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A significant increase in SAFETY ASSURANCE

The RETURN OF VALUES with a high level of resolution

REDUCING COSTS for carrying out activities at height



NETF DRONE was present at the XVI Best Practices Award for Innovation organized by Confindustria Salerno and held on 15-16 and 17 June 2022 at the Salerno Maritime Station.


Industrial sector

During inspections, we can make different types of measurements as required. We can detect temperature differences on different points of the structures through thermal chambers and thus identify any damage or criticality that may lead to the risk of fire and explosion.
We can also monitor the actual state of industrial sites through the reproduction of digital twins, also called Digital Twins, which prove to be of paramount importance when refurbishing parts of the plant, building or integrating new structures. The digital models obtained are the basis for generating complete CAD models representing the entire plant geometry. In fact, thanks to Digital Twins, it is possible to make simulations to further clarify what is the ideal mode of the insertion of new structures. All these investigations are in fact important for ensuring the safety of industrial structures and for faster maintenance operations.

Registered office:

Via Monte Napoleone 8,

20121 Milan (MI)

Operational headquarters:

Via Pasquale De Virgilii 2,

66100 Chieti (CH)


Tel.: +39 388 10 79 439

Email: info.it@netf.eu

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Civil sector

Italy Member of the European Group of Economic Interest NETF LAB BERLIN EWIV


Even in the civil sector, inspections using drones are gaining more and more relevance by making their own significant contribution.
In particular, aerophotogrammetric surveys for construction allow us to map large and small areas with centimeter accuracy. The resulting dataset provides us with a valuable source of data that allow us to create digitized models and maps that can be fully inspected for volumes and cubages. Surveys can be carried out on cottages, residential and non-residential buildings, and commercial structures also allowing us to check the condition of property roofs safely since it will not be necessary for a worker to climb on the roof risking a fall. In addition, drone intervention for inspections makes monitoring operations much faster.

NETF Milano is registered in the "List of UAS operators"

pursuant to the Implementing Regulation (EU) no. 947/2019 on the d-Flight portal

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Environmental sector

Drones are also a strategic resource in the environmental sector, particularly for landfill inspection and land monitoring. NETF DRONE's services are a fast and effective solution for land inspection. In fact, our laser, digital, and multispectral technologies, combined with the potential of radiometric thermal cameras, give our drones incredible potential: from forest and glacier monitoring to animal search activities, poaching, and illegal landfill search.

Our aerophotogrammetric services allow us to carry out environmental monitoring operations in case of forest fires, evolution of flora and presence of pollutants. In addition, we can intervene in application and monitoring contexts for the detection of specific gases such as:

  • Carbon monoxide (CO);

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2);

  • Light alkyl halides such as Chlorofluorocarbons (HxCClyFz); Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) (NO + NO2) Sulfur Dioxide (SO2);

  • Ozone (O3);

  • Volatile organic compounds;

  • And many others.



The additional areas where drone inspections are particularly suitable are:

  • Oil & Gas and offshore;
  • pipelines and power lines;
  • power lines;
  • power plants and hydropower plants;
  • photovoltaic and wind farms;
  • TLC;
  • infrastructure (bridges, viaducts and railway lines);
  • real estate. 

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